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1. Nume plugin: Control HE Damage(s)
2. Autor & Versiune: YONTU / 1.1
3. Comenzi: -
4. Cvar: 


he_dmg "1.0" - acest cvar multiplica dmg-ul grenadei
- in cazul in care setati valoarea "0.0", inamicii nu vor mai lua dmg la explozia grenadei
- in cazul in care setati valoarea "1.0", inamicii vor lua dmg-ul default de la grenada HE
- puteti seta orice valoare doriti voi, ori pentru a mari dmg-ul, ori pentru a-l micsora
no_he_dmg_attacker "1" - acest cvar va bloca dmg-ul provocat de grenada, in cazul in care sunteti victima propriei grenade
- cvar-ul are 2 valori (1 - activat, 0 - dezactivat)

5. Alte detalii: Cu ajutorul acestui plugin puteti controla cat DMG (daune) provoaca grenada HE, mai exact puteti controla prin cvar-uri cat DMG provoaca grenada (0-100).
6. Link download:

#include <amxmodx>
#include <hamsandwich>

#define DMG_HEGRENADE 	(1<<24)

#define PLUGIN_NAME	"Control HE Dmg(s)"
#define PLUGIN_VERSION	"1.1"

new cvar_dmg, cvar_no_attacker_dmg;

public plugin_init() 
	cvar_dmg = register_cvar("he_dmg", "0.2");
	cvar_no_attacker_dmg = register_cvar("no_he_dmg_attacker", "1");

	RegisterHam(Ham_TakeDamage, "player", "fw_TakeDamage");

public fw_TakeDamage(victim, inflictor, attacker, Float:fDamage, iDmgType)
	if(!(iDmgType & DMG_HEGRENADE))
		return HAM_HANDLED;

	if(victim == attacker)
			return HAM_IGNORED;

		if(is_user_alive(victim) && get_user_team(victim) != get_user_team(attacker))
			fDamage *= get_pcvar_float(cvar_dmg);
			SetHamParamFloat(4, fDamage);
			return HAM_HANDLED;
	return HAM_IGNORED;

7. Poze: -

Sursa: extreamCS

Link-uri utile, nu ezita sa le folosesti! 😁
Counter-Strike 1.6 (AMXX) Support - click aici

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